Orthodontic Case Studies and Testimonials

At iQ Orthodontics, patients are proud of the service and support they recieve. Based in West Byfleet, Surrey, our premises have been adapted to help our patients feel comfortable and relaxed. With our excellent customer service you can be sure to enjoy coming to see us, like the following patients who were happy to act as case studies.

Debbie(Office Manager), Addlestone, Surrey

Orthodontic tooth coloured fixed braces

Debbie had tooth coloured (aesthetic) fixed braces for 18 months. We were set a target completion date due to an important family holiday for her anniversary.

I thought about wearing braces for several years and it took that long to pluck up the courage as I am extremely nervous about going to the dentist. I was referred to iQ Orthodontics by my dentist as he informed me that they were very helpful, caring and professional – what an understatement!

All members of the team, from the reception staff, Bilal and in particular his nurse Donna, who would always do her best to reassure me when I was nervous (which I frequently was!), made me feel relaxed and at ease. Thank you for holding my hand!!!

Appointments were made to fit around me and I never had to wait to be seen, every stage of the process was explained in great detail and every care was taken during my appointments to put me at ease. Any questions were answered and they were always quick to reply to any phone calls/e-mails when I had any concerns, with Bilal even giving me his personal mobile number in case I had any problems out of hours.

After 18 months of treatment my braces were removed and I can honestly say I have never smiled so much. I feel more confident in myself and as an added bonus I have lost weight as well –‘the brace diet’.

If you are thinking of having this treatment I cannot recommend iQ Orthodontics highly enough. It is well worth the cost and I won’t lie the occasional discomfort to achieve the end result.

.Lastly I actually consider Bilal and Donna to be not only my Orthodontist but friends as well and even once my care treatment is over I hope to keep in touch with them as they are such lovely people

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Chris(Sales Manager aged 32), Addlestone, Surrey

Orthodontic fixed braces

Chris lacked confidence when talking to clients and was very embarrased about his smile. We removed 3 of his adult teeth and provided upper and lower fixed braces (train tracks). The treatment lasted 18 months.

I can’t stop smiling, my family and friends love the result. Soon after my brace was removed I felt more self assured in my job and this gave me the confidence to smile more with my clients. My career has improved as a result and even I managed to get a promotion at work!


If you would like to add a testimonial to this page, please call 01932 352486 or send an email. These testimonials are from NHS Choices. Another way you can review the service you received from us is by leaving feedback on the NHS Outpatients Survey – just click on the link to leave your feedback.

I have no hesitation in strongly recommending this orthodontist. My daughter has just had her top and bottom braces removed. At the beginning the dentist explained clearly what our options were and ensured at every step that we understood fully what was involved and were happy in all respects with the proposed treatment. They are an extremely polite and courteous person to whom my daughter responded well. The dental nurse and reception staff could not have been more helpful in all our dealings with them.

The Practice supported me throughout the process and I am thankful to everyone. The treatment and care I was given was outstanding, and all the information I needed was given and was relevant and helpful. This resulted in a shortened treatment of just under a year rather than the 18 months originally stated.

Excellent Orthodontist and practice staff – I highly recommend. My 12 year old son had braces fitted (top and bottom) by the dentist 15 months ago and during that time has been treated incredibly professionally by the dentist and thier team. The dentist has just had his braces removed and my son has gorgeous, straight teeth. The difference is quite staggering. My son had a very pronounced under-bite and now his bite is perfect! The dentist has a good rapour with the young patients and is kind but firm in what is expected of them – looking after their brace and teeth. Every stage was explained clearly. I would highly recommend the dentist and thier practice.I cannot fault the service we have received

Excellent service from start to finish. They explained everything very clearly to me and my daughter. We knew what to expect, how to care for the teeth at home and approximately how long it would take. Our dentist has a lovely ‘chair side’ manner, which immediately puts patient and mother at ease. They are very knowledgeable in their profession and my daughters’ teeth look amazing. She has not stopped smiling since the brace has been removed. Thank you very much. I would highly recommend them. First class treatment from beginning to end. J.M.


Very pleased with the work done. Very impressed with the result.

The end result of my son’s treatment is fantastic, and he now has teeth to be proud of. Thank you! I would thoroughly recommend this practice.

You are outstanding and simply the best. My daughter has had braces for the last year or so. She has just had her top and bottom braces removed. At the outset, the dentist explained clearly what our options were given the circumstances. They ensured at every step that we understood fully what was involved and were happy with the proposed treatment. In fact my daughter’s teeth made it difficult and embarrassing for her to smile. She used to but, behind her hands. She was told that she would potentially lose at least a couple of her teeth. They were so bad, sorry. But, the incredible dentist managed to correct them without a single extraction. We thought the treatment would take two years, but it took less than a year. The entire staff are extremely polite and courteous. There is something very contagious about this dentist, they put their patients and parents at ease. The dental nurse and reception staff could not have been more helpful in all our dealings with them. My daughter has a big, big smile on her face and mine too. Outstanding, no words to describe. Thank you indeed.

Excellent orthodontist! Outstanding treatment and care, all of the staff are very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend this practice.

Excellent orthodontist! So friendly and always willing to explain everything to both the children and the parents. Son’s teeth are looking fantastic compared to where they started. Thanks.

We are extremely happy with the results and would recommend this practice. All of the staff are very friendly and helpful, each stage of the treatment was well explained, and great results have been achieved.

Highly professional, effective and extremely caring. My son’s orthodontic treatment was a wonderfully resounding success. Right from his initial assessment through to his final retainer fitting we were kept extremely well informed by the doctor and their warm and caring team. P.J.


I would recommend this practice to friends and family. My son had a really good experience having his orthodontic work done. The treatment was completed in a shorter time than first expected. I never had any trouble getting appointments, all the team were friendly and helpful.

I would recommend this to all of my friends who are getting braces. Very impressed, kind and well mannered.

Excellent – I would be happy to recommend this practice. I was kept informed at all stages of my daughter’s treatment, the outcome of which has been very successful in a much shorter time than we were originally advised. The dentist and staff were always helpful and polite. Best of all, my daughter is no longer embarrassed to smile properly!

My daughter had a very positive experience with the dentist, they were fantastic at all times as my daughter was very nervous at first, the treatment was much quicker than predicted lasting 12 months instead of 17, the results are fantastic and I would recommend anyone to this Orthodontist.

I have had a very good experience with my treatment and have always felt comfortable and relaxed throughout it. I would advise and recommend anyone to undergo treatment themselves. I am very happy with the outcome of my treatment, and have seen a huge improvement in my teeth. It was definitely worth my time and money. S.K.


The treatment and patient care was outstanding. My daughter’s teeth look fantastic now, she has not stopped smiling. The treatment was carefully explained both to me and my daughter. Explicit instructions were given on care with braces and now with the retainers. The end result is wonderful. Nothing was too much trouble. Excellent. Thank you. J.D.


I am writing to express how pleased I have been with the service of IQ orthodontics. My treatment was started under G Spriggs & when he unfortunately retired my treatment was continued by Bilal. The transition was extremely smooth & I was made to feel as if my treatment was important to the practice as the new customers you had.

Time was taken not to rush my treatment, but to ensure that the best possible result was achieved. Questions have been answered to give me clarity of all the different options, as when, they have occurred. Reassurance & care as given when I expressed concern about the final removal of the braces.

Anyone considering having treatment should voice any concerns or questions, no matter how small, directly to Bilal, as he is very approachable & knowing what to expect is so important. I was able to choose retainers which were best for me, although I am sure another person would suit an alternative.

Although it is not cheap to have the treatment & it did take me three years to pluck up the courage & finance to start, I do not regret it for a minute. Having invested the time & money I do not want to lose all the benefits this treatment has given me. So I will be wearing my retainers as instructed by Bilal. I still have support & back up appointments from IQ Orthodontics to keep me on track.

Many thanks for your care, concern & expertise in my treatment. F.F.


Having my braces fitted was surprisingly quick and completely painless. Bilal Qureshi and staff were extremely friendly and supportive and are always there to answer any questions and give advice. I felt entirely comfortable throughout the whole process.

My advice for anyone having braces is to be patient and not to panic. As i said, having the braces fitted doesn’t hurt but it can be painful to bite when the teeth start moving. However, the pain goes away within a couple of days and you get completely used to having braces -you hardly even notice they are even there! It is also very important to take extra care brushing your teeth – it all pays off in the end! There is definitely nothing to be nervous about.

I was extremely pleased with the results, not only do they look fantastic they feel great and make you feel much more confident! It’s definitely worth investing the time and money as it pays off in the long run. S.B.


The orthodontist and the practice staff have been friendly and professional throughout and it always felt that they were working together to achieve the results I was looking for.

When initially discussing the proposed treatment, time was taken to talk me through the various options, costs and the advantages and disadvantages of each. In the end, I felt the course of action recommended was the most clinically appropriate to my situation even though it wasn’t the most expensive.

Committing to having fixed braces as an adult working in a professional environment was not an easy decision to make but iQ were always sensitive to this, for example, allowing me quickly to arrange an appointment to come in and have my white elastics changed when I ate something that turned them bright yellow! I was continually surprised how many people said that they didn’t notice my braces unless I mentioned them.

Since having the treatment I am free of the self-consciousness that I’ve always felt about my teeth. Previously, I would put my hand up to cover my mouth when laughing, and when looking at photographs my eye was always immediately drawn to the gap in my teeth. Now I don’t have to feel conscious of this and, while it may seem like a little thing to other people, it makes a huge difference to me.

The treatment in itself was not cheap by its nature (that’s not to say that iQ were more expensive than anywhere else – in fact the opposite is true). It would also be disingenuous to say that it wasn’t a little uncomfortable at times (though the discomfort was limited to just the day or two after an appointment as the teeth adjusted). Looking back, however, the months have passed quickly and the end result is very much worth the investment of time and money. I would say to anyone considering treatment that, although the prospect may seem unappealing at the outset, it is really only for a relatively short period but the end result is worth it and the benefits should last a lifetime. G.E.


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